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Capable Communities Ltd is a social enterprise that develops networks of support for social enterprises and charitable organisations to deliver social benefits, primarily in West London. We help organisations and individuals achieve their charitable objectives, position and differentiate themselves within their markets or community interests. We seek out potential organisations and people to set up and establish sustainable community projects.

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We use creativity to develop projects that value people and enable individuals to become confident, skillful and connected in their neighbourhoods. Presently our projects focus on areas such as healthy living, healthy eating, emotional wellbeing, volunteering and diversity.


Harrow Community Action    

Working with and on behalf of Harrow Community Action, we provide a fundraising Newsletter and assist Voluntary Sector Organisations with fundraising bids.


 Volunteering for Change  

We are proud to be organising a series of borough wide events within Harrow for this important project, on behalf of Harrow Carers.

Community Festivals

We organise festivals to encourage social cohesion and celebrate diversity. 

Harrow Gorkhas

We are working with Harrow Gorkhas to help integrate this new group to Harrow into wider society. Having run workshops in accessing health services, how to manage and monitor diabetes, how to access housing, we are now assisting this group with Welfare Rights

HealthWise is a social prescribing service that provides non-medical solutions to health prevention. Social Prescribing is about referring patients with social, emotional or practical needs to a range of local, non-clinical services, often provided by the voluntary and community sector.

HealthWise is funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government and will provide a range of 57 services, across three categories:

  • Health (Managing Diabetes, Hypertension, Dementia and Falls Prevention
  • Rights (accessing the right information, advocacy and advice)
  • Wellbeing (reducing isolation, purposeful activity)

It is all about providing people with the means for them to take more responsibility for the management of their health.

Get a referral from your GP today. 


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